International Society of Fabric Forming
International Society of Fabric Forming (ISOFF)

The Society's focus is:

Improving communication between all participants: researchers, architects, manufacturers, distributors and concrete contractors;
Communicating to the world the commanding environmental benefits of fabric forming over rigid formwork;
Developing new and innovative fabric forming solutions.
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On this page you can find papers by the place they were written. Click on a place on the map or a place in the table to watch the papers.
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Research papers
1 Aalborg
Aalborg University - Prof. Poul H. Kirkegaar

2 Amsterdam
Zwarts & Jansma architects - R. Torsing, J. Bakker, R Jansma
Witteveen+Bos consulting engineers - D Veenendaal
ETH Zurich - D Veenendaal

3 Bath
University of Bath - K Z Kostova, T J Ibell, A P Darby, M C Evernden, J J Orr, A P Darby, T J Ibell and M C Evernden

4 Belfast
Queen’s University Belfast - R Morrow
University of Ulster - T Belford
Tactility Factory Ltd - R Morrow, T Belford

5 Bogota
Pontificia Universidad Javeriana - E Cortes

6 Brookfield
RPS Structural Engineering - Robert P. Schmitz

7 Brussel
Vrije Universiteit Brussel - E Verwimp, O Remy, J Wastiels and T Tysmans
Princeton University - S Adriaenssens
BBRI - Niki Cauberg

8 Buffalo
University at Buffalo - A Adderley

9 Cornwall
Walter Jack Studio - W Jack
Heartlands Trust - K Turnbull

10 Dublin
University College Dublin - C Conlon

11 Delft
Delft University of Technology - D Veenendaal, S Grünewald, H R Schipper, J C Walraven and K J Vollers
Zonneveld Ingenieurs - B Janssen

12 Dhaka
Stha.Ni.K Architectural Consultant - S Iqbal and S Chowdhury

13 Edingburgh
University of Edinburgh - R Pedreschi

14 Eindhoven
Eindhoven University of Technology - A Pronk, F Huijben, R Verhaegh and M Dominicus

15 Florida
University of Florida - S Belton

16 India
Zaha Hadid Architects Computation and Design Group - S Bhooshan and M El Sayed

17 Kopenhagen
Royal Danish Academy - Anne-mette Manelius

18 London
University of East London - Alan Chandler
Norwich University - Russ Miller Johnson

19 Manitoba
University of Manitoba - M West, R Araya and L Coar

20 Newcastle
Newcastle University - K Lloyd Thomas

21 Pontypridd
Concrete Canvas Ltd. - Philip Greer

22 Sheffield
Sheffield Hallam University - G Tang

23 Tripoli
Al-fateh University - H S Abdelgader and A S El-Baden

24 Utrecht
Atelier Remy & Veenhuizen - T Remy and R Veenhuizen

25 Vermont
ArrowDesign - A Lawton
Engineering Ventures - R Miller-Johnson

26 Vienna
Vienna University of Technology - J Kolleger and B Bromoser
Red Bernhard GmbH - S Dallinger

27 Warwickshire
Proserve Ltd. - M Hawkswood

28 Zurich
ETH Zurich - Tom van Mele, Diederik Veenendaal, S Oesterle, A Vansteenkiste, A Mirjan and P Block

29 Nottingham
University of Nottingham - J Chilton

30 Japan
Hokkaido Tokai University - Tsutomu Kokawa
Umi Architectural Atelier - Kenzo Unno

31 Surrey
FAB-FORM industries Ltd. - Richard Fearn